Our Values

Our Values Square Circle

People, Relationships and Knowledge

Square Circle invests in building strong and durable relationships with partners, collaborators and communities everywhere we work. We believe in knitting together networks across geographies, sectors and cultures to share knowledge of the diverse local experiences, challenges and opportunities of global development. We see people, everywhere, as holders of knowledge with important insights for realising the best version of our shared future.

Just and Sustainable Futures

Square Circle understands that positive human-ecological relationships are integral to sustainable and equitable experiences of development. We believe that a just and sustainable future will be realised through innovative and transformative changes in the present. In all of our work, we engage critically with historical and contemporary inequalities to influence change for today and tomorrow.

Diversity, Inclusion and Impact

Square Circle works across local, regional and global scales to foster inclusive practices that value diverse conceptions of development. We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, capacities, knowledge and aspirations are integral to creating positive impacts for a dynamic and diverse world.