Square Circle’s research service creates deeper understandings of development and social change. These understandings support evidence-based recommendations for Investment Design, Adaptive Programming, and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL). We provide these insights to our clients and donors as well as the populations that are the intended beneficiaries of development programming.

Our relational and mixed-method approach to research supports greater understandings of social inclusions and exclusions, and the potential opportunities associated with the politics, programs and policies of development—from the local to the global. Through this grounded and empirical approach, we create an evidence base to inform public policy, development programming, and local activities to better meet the demands posed by complex development challenges.

Our critical approach to research and analysis also shines a light on the diverse ‘lived experiences’ of development, as well as the multiple imaginations of the ‘good life’ that people and communities have across cultures, regions and geographies. Through an unpacking of global social relations of development and political economy, and an understanding of the complex multilateral environment in which social struggles over development take place, we bring new insights and possibilities to policy discussions and investment design.

Square Circle’s research portfolio captures narratives through videography and animation, enhancing inquiry through qualitative data that is personal and rich—creating unique avenues for accessibility and impact for communities and stakeholders alike.

We do not do ‘research for research’s sake’ but for substantive impact for the communities, institutions and clients for whom we work.