Pacific Leadership and Governance ‘Precinct’ Tracer Study

Papua New Guinea
The University of Queensland, Tanorama, The PNG National Research Institute
The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct

Continuing Square Circle’s central involvement with The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct (the Precinct) in Papua New Guinea (PNG), we are leading a five-phase Tracer Study through early 2021 to evaluate the Precinct’s contribution to ethical values-based leadership in PNG. This Tracer Study will also provide evidence of the extent to which Precinct graduates are using their skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to improved public policy and delivery of services to the benefit of PNG citizens. Specifically, the Tracer Study has three core aims:

a) Gather evidence on the extent to which participants, and the Public Service sections to which they return, have benefited from the Precinct programs, with specific reference to the ten core capabilities of the Leadership Capabilities Framework;
b) Gather evidence on the extent to which the DFAT and PNG Government GESI policies have been adequately addressed via the Precinct programs; and
c) Gather evidence to support continuous improvement in Precinct program.

To achieve these aims, the project team–including Tanorama and the PNG National Research Institute—is deploying a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods including surveys, interviews, video case studies, most significant change sense making and participatory ethnography. This range of methods allows the project to illuminate not only how participants have been affected by the programs they have attended, but also what sorts of impacts they in turn have been able to make in their workplaces, their sectors, and on their families and communities.

Before the course, I never really stood out to take on challenges that came. After the training, I saw that the institutional values needed to be guarded, we need to hold onto those values and be a role model –not just talk and nothing happens.

Interviewee in Oro Province

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