Conflict, Peace and Development

Global inequality and associated social, environmental, energy, food, and financial crises pose very real humanitarian concerns. These concerns are intensified in countries and regions emerging from conflict, and are the focus of much development policy, programming and practice.

Through partnerships and networks that connect researchers, policy makers, civil society and development practitioners operating at local, regional and global levels, Square Circle provides expert analysis and support for programs focused on conflict, peace and development. We seek to influence peacebuilding and broader development programming to meet the diverse needs of populations under contemporary conditions of inequality.

Central to our work is an understanding of the importance of local agency and voice in development programming. Inclusive development that supports diverse visions of ‘the good life’ while fostering social cohesion and belonging is integral to overcoming legacies of conflict and feelings of injustice.

Square Circle’s team of researchers and practitioners have published on and worked in communities and regions emerging from long-term conflict, as well as those engaged in processes for peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction. We have worked with communities who have experienced violent extremism, political upheavals, natural disasters, mining legacies, environmental conflicts and ethnic tensions. Across all of our projects, we take a locally-driven and strengths-based approach to community resilience and peacebuilding.

Working with and through traditional and non-traditional institutions of governance, Square Circle takes a relational approach to understanding the causes of conflict and insecurity.