DFAT Aid Management Training Course Redesign


Square Circle was subcontracted by Alinea-Whitelu, to redesign two courses for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) Aid Management Training Program: Managing Investment Design (MID) and Managing Investment Performance (MIP). Both courses were targeted for practitioners within DFAT and the Australian Public Service with aid responsibilities.

The redesign of the MID course focussed on analysis of the development and strategic context of investments, as well as on implementation arrangements for aid programs (including management and governance; contracting; risk management; gender equality; and monitoring and evaluation). The MIP redesign involved an increased focus on participants’ understanding of Investment Monitoring Reports, incorporated new investment guidelines and facilitated awareness of other key updates such as the Performance Recovery Framework.

Square Circle was contracted by Alinea-Whitelum for this project and worked collaboratively with technical experts from DFAT as well as facilitators from both DFAT and Alinea-Whitelum.

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