Guy Preston

Guy Preston

Senior Researcher

Guy Preston is a senior researcher at Square Circle. 

Guy is passionate about the application of the behavioural sciences in producing lasting, meaningful changes to attitudes and behaviours. Guy believes that psychology and the behavioural sciences represent a vast wealth of knowledge, the application of which can enhance outcomes for organisations, individuals and communities. Guy has applied this passion at Square Circle in evaluating the breadth of natural resource management in Papua New Guinea as part of the Australia Papua New Guinea Economic Partnership (APEP) sustainable governance of natural resource wealth strategy.  

Guy has a master’s degree in business psychology and a bachelor’s degree in psychological science from The University of Queensland. Prior to Square Circle, Guy worked as a senior behavioural scientist for Brisbane-based behavioural science firm Evidn. At Evidn, Guy worked on a number of projects including Project Cane Changer, a multi-year initiative in which Guy worked alongside a team of behavioural scientists developing interventions to help the Australian sugarcane industry transition towards more sustainable farming practices to protect the Great Barrier Reef. In addition, Guy led a project with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission aimed at reducing rear-end crashes on Queensland roads. As part of this work, Guy created the Be a Mate campaign, a suite of advertisements and educational materials that led to reductions in accidents on Queensland roads. 

Outside of work, Guy is a co-host of the podcast p < .05, where he talks about the latest in psychological science, and what insights psychology and behavioural science can give to people living in today’s world.