Data Management and Transparency in the Extractive Sector

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative; The Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct; The University of Queensland
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has substantial oil, gas, copper and gold deposits as well as a significant number of existing resource projects. Increased transparency in the extractive sector is widely recognised as important for translating mineral wealth into sustainable forms of broad-based development.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is a global standard that promotes transparency and accountability in the oil, gas and mining sectors. Following the establishment of an informal multi-stakeholder group in 2012, the PNG government announced its commitment to EITI in 2013.

To support the implementation of the EITI in PNG, the Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct commissioned Square Circle to design and facilitate a training and dialogue workshop on ‘Leadership, Data Management and Transparency in the Extractives Sector’. The workshop brought together 50 delegates from government, the private sector, civil society and development partners across the local, provincial and national levels. In line with the National Public Service ‘Ethics and Values-Based Executive Leadership and Management Capability Framework’, the workshops also focused on key leadership attributes and capabilities.

  • Technical training to enhance understanding and competencies around EITI and extractives governance;
  • Multi-stakeholder improvement projects to enhance stakeholder work flows and processes for extractives data collection, management, reporting and dissemination; and
  • Legislative dialogue to enhance understanding and competencies around sector legislation.


The key output of the three-day workshop was the unanimous endorsement of an outcome statement highlighting priority projects for consideration through PNGEITI 2017 and 2018 Workplans, many of which were successfully implemented. Feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive with learning outcomes feeding into the key next steps of the multi-year PNGEITI project, of which Square Circle has a continuing involvement.

We need more of this training at the sub-national level in the host project provinces.

Workshop Participant

Really helped me with my knowledge base on the extractive industries in PNG and the processes and challenges faced and how to go about mitigating these issues.

Workshop Participant

Very useful indeed and successful. A first of its kind, a very holistic approach.

Workshop Participant

PNG still has a long way to go but I believe we can transform and develop if there is good governance and transparency and PNG EITI is a way forward!

Workshop Participant

It was a very informative and educational workshop where global as well as PNG specific concepts were presented and discussed.

Workshop Participant

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