Square Circle welcomes our new Director of Governance and Social Impact, Dr Jodie Curth-Bibb

Square Circle is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr Jodie Curth-Bibb as Director of Governance and Social Impact.

For more than two decades, Jodie has worked across the public service, academia and the private sector to bring about institutional and social change. In her new role, Jodie will lead Square Circle’s governance and social impact advisory service in Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and globally – to support the development aspirations of local people.

“I’m really excited to join Square Circle – they’re an outstanding group of people, thinkers and implementers”, Jodie said. “As someone who has spent my fair share of time inside of academia, I love the theory and I love doing the analytical and empirical work, but what I really want to do more of is answer the questions: ‘So what?’ and ‘How do we make the change?’… I want to be part of the change!”

Dr Curth-Bibb’s work draws on complex adaptive systems theory and a social inclusion lens in the fields of governance and institutional reform; leadership and capacity development; monitoring, evaluation and learning; gender-based violence; and gender equity and social inclusion. Jodie’s experience cuts across a diverse range of sectors, including law and justice, media and politics, defence, public sector administration, public health, education, extractives and Indigenous policy.

In welcoming Jodie to the Square Circle team, Dr Tim Grice, Square Circle CEO, said: “As Square Circle continues to grow, we are focused on staying true to our founding values of ‘People, Relationships and Knowledge’, ‘Just and Sustainable Futures’, and ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Impact’”. As a leading scholar and practitioner, Jodie’s appointment strengthens our commitment to living the Square Circle values through our governance and social impact work.”

Dr Curth-Bibb holds a PhD in Political Science and was previously the Head of Public Administration and Policy Masters Program for Flinders University in the College of Business, Government and Law. Prior to this, Jodie was the Head of the Pacific division of The University of Queensland’s International Development unit. Jodie has worked on public policy issues in global forums as well as in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Pakistan. She has also worked on research and capacity development collaborations with a wide range of organisations, including multilaterals, government agencies, civil society and private sector organisations. Jodie is an Adjunct Senior Researcher with Flinders University’s Centre for Social Impact.

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